Founded by the 3 Brothers Wes, Wayne and Luke Crutcher in 2005, Living is one of the most respected Smart Home and Lighting firms in the world.


The brothers Wes, Wayne and Luke all bring something very different to the business, Wes, the MD, is the drive and thrust behind Living, exploring new avenues, and making sure the whole company is working to the overall strategy. Wayne is the technical ‘neat freak’, as Operations Director, he makes sure every project is organised just so, making sure he signs off each and every one himself. Luke, is the outgoing one, as Sales Director, he is likely your first point of call, he is also pretty good at overseeing the design process and does the odd keynote every now and then.

Working alongside Wes, Wayne and Luke there is an excellent family of designers, installers and office staff ensuring you will enjoy working with the Living team.



Want to join our team?

If you would like to join the Living team, please fill in the form below and send us your details. Please do not send to the general “info@” email address as this will likely get missed.


GENERAL Qualifications

  • We require a “can'-do” attitude, it sounds cliche we know, but in the smart home industry, we are often pushing boundaries, which means having the ability to rely on each other to get the job done.

  • Similar to the above, our team needs the ability to (again, sorry for the cliche) “think outside the box” (we promise this will be the last one, honest").

  • Unless we are specifically advertising one of our apprenticeships (which we generally do at a college), we will always look for “on the job’ experience over classic qualifications. You have to be able to walk the walk.


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