Design is the foundation to all great and successful projects. Usually employed around the time planning permission is granted, the Living team undertake the design of “everything with a wire” and, in the case of WiFi, sometimes without. Our expert teams will help integrate all services within your project, minimising the number of systems required and simplifying how things work when we’re done, not to mention saving our clients a huge amount of time and money in the process.

We never lose site of the fact, most of our clients tend to know what it is they want to achieve, but have little idea on how to do it. By listening carefully, we are able to design the perfect level of system to match your exact needs.

Our designs cover: Lighting Design, Lighting Control, Audio/Visual, Data and Wifi, Home Cinema (dedicated room, or multi-purpose room), Home Automation, Heating and Cooling Controls, Landscape Lighting Design and Controls, Security Cameras and Access Control.

Smart Homes - this is what we do. Let us help design the right system for you.


Following the design phase, we head in to the installation. The installation phase has 3 distinct stages, the first, cabling or first fix. This is where we manage your chosen electrical contractor, as they install the cables we supply in to the pre-agreed and designed locations. Through our management of this stage, we ensure each cable is in the perfect location, ready for the next stage, second fix. Second fix is often the most exciting stage for our clients, as this is where they see a huge leap forward in progress. Racks full of kit, speakers fitted cinemas set-up, it all happens now. The final stage is programming and handover. This is where our programming technician sets the system up for your use. We will program lighting scenes, speaker volumes, TV channel short cuts, if you need it, we set it up. Following the programming, we hand the system over, giving you our undivided attention, ensuring you are expert in the operations needed to keep your life simple.

We install: Lighting, Smart Lighting Controls, Audio/Visual, Home Cinema, Data Networks, Wifi, Heating and Cooling Controls, Golf Simulators, Media Rooms, CCTV & Access Controls.


Often overlooked, aftercare is an important pillar of the Living service. We pride ourselves in helping our clients for many years, long after almost every other service has finished their install and left. As part of our service, we are always at the end of the phone in case you need some information, and we operate service engineers in the unlikely event of a fault. Each year, our service engineers arrange a visit to carry out a periodic maintenance on your system, often making program tweaks and updating firmware whilst we are with you, it’s all part of our unrivalled level of service.